Pilsner Supernova — Euro-style Pils

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It was a PILSNER SUPERNOVA in the sky that inspired us to create the longest-lagered beer we’ve ever brewed. A truly continental-style pils, this quite literally long-awaited beer utilized a blend of both French and German Pilsner malts to accompany the similarly global Czech Saaz, French Strisselspalt, and German Saphir hops. Hitting just shy of 11 weeks as opposed to our usual 6, this lager exhibits a firm, balanced bitterness, a snappy mouth feel, dry profile, and crisp carbonation. Aromas of black tea, subtle citrus, and grass are backed with some crackery malt notes. Floral Euro-hop spiciness leads on the flavor end with a clean malt character of baked bread that balances this smooth-drinking pils. Some supernovas are worth the wait…

4.8% ABV

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