500ml Bottle – Molting Cycle BA Stout and Barleywine (Horus Collaboration)

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You must shed the old to grow the new; this is the MOLTING CYCLE. For our second barrel collaboration with Horus Aged Ales, we took our first BA collab, Midnight Coverts, and filled the entirety of a Honey Hawk Black Currant Mead Barrel, which began as a Pappy Van Winkle 23yr Barrel in a past life. The Stout/Barleywine blend is imbued with life anew, transforming into a novel creature entirely. Fresh aromas of rich treacle, dark fruit, honey, deep barrel and vanilla are now rounded out with the mild vinosity of black currant. Rich and rounded, with balanced tannins, this cycle continues the aerial flight of soaring bourbon and rye whiskey flavors, rising in the shadows of a medium-sweet, viscous liquid that lands gracefully with a bruleed sugar finish. The reincarnation of richness.

Stout & Barleywine aged in Bourbon, Rye Whiskey & Black Currant Mead Barrels

14.5% ABV

Radiant BA Golden Moon Phase Tumbler

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