500ml Bottle – Grand Charts BA Strong Ale

$35.00 USD

We scavenged the GRAND CHARTS for the perfect summer bottle before we dug up this Tiki-inspired Rum Barrel-Aged Strong Ale. This treasure of an ale was aged in Barbados Rum Barrels for 38 months before small gems of Grand Marnier and Chartreuse Barrel were blended and conditioned with Mexican Camino Cacao Nibs, Macadamia Nuts, and Orange Zest. A prize pour of mahogany fades into a subtle tan foam before uncovering aromas of deep, complex chocolate, subtle nutty notes, and an air of citrus. Beneath the sands of oak lie more rich, fudgey characters alongside vanilla, macadamia, and a combination of spice and orange. Walking a delicate balance of viscosity, with a long, lingering finish, it’s clear X marks the charts.

Tiki-inspired Rum Barrel-Aged Strong Ale with macadamia, cacao nibs & orange zest

12.5% ABV

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