500ml Bottle – Tropical Detour

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Drop the Imperial Stout – we’re taking a TROPICAL DETOUR. We chose a strong ale that spent almost 2.5 years in Barbados Rum Barrels and blended it with other strong ales aged in Grand Marnier and Chartreuse Barrels. Then, we conditioned the blend on roasted almonds, limes, grapefruit, and oranges with a kiss of cinnamon. The result is an eloquent equatorial extravaganza of tropical flavors housed in a deep brown pour with a touch of tan foam. The aromas are complex, reminiscent of a tiki cocktail with emphasis on notes of citric acidity and rich rum, with some lingering impressions of dark rum and toasty, nutty accents. Take a trip to the tropics; a pinky-up visit to your favorite island.

Cocktail-inspired Barrel-Aged Strong Ale w/ almonds, citrus zests and spices added

14.9% ABV

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