500ml Bottle – Luxurious Potential

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It’s an Oktoberfest miracle. A German Black Forest Cake-inspired stout brewed as a reminder of the LUXURIOUS POTENTIAL behind the beauty of these focused beer celebrations. And what a luscious reason to partake. Behold an opulent blend of two stouts; one aged in Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection 15-year barrels for 2.5 years, the other in Weller 12-year barrels for 23 months. This already lavish amalgamation was then conditioned with Tanzanian and Fijian Cacao Nibs, Comoros and Tahitian Vanilla Beans, with a culinary metaphor of a finale atop; Michigan Montmorency Tart Cherries. The resulting beer pours out a viscious black midnight; a small head of dark brown foam lays ground for initial aromas of deep barrel character, dark brownie batter, fudge, tobacco, and of course, subtle notes of cherries and dark fruit. Upon first sip, a complex, viscous, chewy mouthfeel necessitates further inspection through the front palate. The grandeur continues with further barrel character, nestled between more vanilla, fudge, and the slightest tart hint of the Montmorency cherry. With this much luxury on the first sip, imagine the potential of the second…

Black Forest Cake-inspired Barrel-Aged Stout w/ cacao nibs, vanilla beans and cherries

13.5% ABV

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