500ml Bottle – Coconut Catharsis

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Take solace in the subtlest pursuits; engage in the COCONUT CATHARSIS. This new strong ale was aged for over two years in a combination of coconut rum & Weller 7-year bourbon barrels, then conditioned with coconut and vanilla for a delicate blend of spiced rum, nougat, and macaroons. At 13.3%, this is a deep, bronze hued pour with a slight tan foam that glints the slightest hint of ruby. Immediate aromas of coconut and rum are chased with a flurry of decadence on the tongue; creamy vanilla, caramel toffee, rich port, and dark fruit, reminiscent of other luxurious, liqueur-forward pastries like rum baba. A viscous, weighted mouth-feel with a touch of alcohol warmth; this is a studious sipper with a story.

Barrel-aged Strong Ale with Coconut and Vanilla

13.3% ABV

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